Ani Avakian

Narbeh Der-Gevorkian becomes one of the new teachers at Clark.

Der-Gevorkian takes on 9th grade health

New teacher takes on both health and college prep.

After being involved in boxing, martial arts and weightlifting for the last 20 years. Narbeh Der-Gevorkian was hired as Clark’s new health teacher. Der-Gevorkian teaches health because he is very involved with physical exercise. This led him to chose health as a teaching subject.

Der-Gevorkian started off his education at California State University Long Beach where he majored in psychology. “Then I moved to Sydney, Australia where I did my master’s degree in education at the University of Sydney,” Der-Gevorkian said. After leaving Australia, he did his single subject credential in health science and social studies; this was done at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.

Der-Gevorkian has learned many teaching methods, he said that his number one way of teaching is by “having the students use their strengths to relay their learning.” He allows them to do that with a lot of projects and base assessments that he incorporates into his teaching methods.

Der-Gevorkian said that his favorite part about teaching is “seeing that quintessential lightbulb go off in my students heads.”

“I really like the teacher,” said freshman Piuneh Mehdikhani. “He is very understandable and he doesn’t keep you bored. The way he teaches in general is amazing.” Mehdikhani said she feels very comfortable around him and she knows he will be there for any student if ever needed.

Being a new teacher at a new school can be hard, but according to Der-Gevorkian, everyone at Clark has been friendly, helpful and supportive. “It has been nothing but a delight [to work here],” he said. And when asking why Der-Gevorkian choose Clark he simply replied with, “Why not? It’s the best of the best.”

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