Concerts are Finally Coming Back


Alexa Sophia Camanag

Happier Than Ever, the World Tour, Billie Eilish performed her last song on stage.

Alexa Sophia Camanag, Design Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic and the surging omicron variant caused a huge setback for artists who had concerts on the line. As these variants continued to spread, it significantly put a damper on several artists’ concerts and their world tours. With the containment of COVID-19 and the omicron variant this year; it caused artists to reschedule their previously planned on stage appearances.  

In 2022, a few artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and the Weekend announced when and where they will be performing.

As different states or country locations were announced,  the majority of fans were ecstatic and could not believe it with their own eyes. The world is finally becoming “normal” once again, as concerts are finally coming back and many exciting fans, including myself, are able to see our favorite artists in person, and not on a mobile screen. 

As fans surged Ticketmaster in hopes of getting tickets to their favorite artists, the website would often crash. This high demand is mainly due to fans wanting to finally experience a concert after COVID- 19 had put a strain on artists’ performances. 

This year, I went to two of the youngest and most famous artists’ concerts: Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish. 

Olivia Rodigo’s SOUR Tour was sensational; held in different countries and cities. I attended it in the Greek Theater, Los Angeles on May 25, 2022. When Rodrigo performed her songs from her hit- album SOUR and sang with a few special guests; fans were in tears of joy and cheered with every high note. As I watched Rodrigo perform on stage, there was a moment where I was in tears because of the excitement and joy I felt being there as I watched her perform live. 

The pandemic caused a huge strain in these artists’ concerts, when I saw them perform live with my favorite songs; it was a special memory I would constantly replay in the back of my head. 

Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever The World Tour, was held in different international countries. I went to Eilish’s concert in Manila, Philippines on August 14, 2022. My concert experience was very much different compared to Rodrigo’s concert. It was mostly because of the vibes and definitely the songs. Rodrigo’s stage would be decorated with stickers and have pastel and bright colored lights, whereas, Eilish displayed red and black colored lights when she performed. Eilish fans, including myself, shouted and screamed everytime Eilish played fan favorites. 

These two individuals set the bar outstandingly high in my perspective. It was Rodrigo’s first time performing all of her songs in different states and countries. As for Eilish, she performed her hit- album Happier Than Ever in London, Paris, Manila, Singapore and more. 

Attending both of these concerts made me feel normal again, it was those special moments I felt when I watched these artists perform live. I felt like a normal teenager who was finally living life because the past two years I would be stuck in quarantine. My experience with these artists has shaped my perception of live concerts greatly, making me excited for what is to come from others as well.