New Assistant Principal Joins the Clark Family


Divinia Dilsizian

Clark Magnet High School’s new assistant Principal Mrs. Tiffany Hirdler.

Divinia Dilsizian, Staff Writer

The promotion of Dr. Landisi as the new principal has also allowed  Ms. Tiffany Hirdler to take on  Dr. Landisi’s former position, Assistant Principal. 

Ms. Hirdler began her teaching career at Glendale Unified School District in 2003 and spent 18 years at Crescenta Valley High School (CVHS) as a special education teacher, and also served as a department chair. In 2021, Ms. Hirdler got promoted to teacher specialist at Valley View and Fremont Elementary. She even coached a girls soccer team at CVHS. 

Counseling clerk Ms. Bondy is excited to see what Ms. Hirdler will do for the school. “Change is hard but good, she is learning the process of what goes on here,” Ms. Bondy said. “I’m sure she’ll do great things for this school.” 

On October 13, 2022, Ms. Hirdler and Dr. Landisi were strolling through campus during snack and lunch to allow students the opportunity to converse and become more acquainted with them. During snack on October 14, 2022, the teachers gathered in the main office to introduce themselves and officially meet Ms. Hirdler. 

During her walk around campus, Ms. Hirdler visited different classes, one of them being the ASB class. Junior Vice President Lilit Karapetyan is anticipating what is going to change with the school and specifically the ASB committee. “Even though we’re sad about recent changes that happened in our committee, we’re excited to see what Ms. Hirdler is like, and what she is going to do for our school,” said Karapetyan. “Hopefully positive changes can happen.”

Ms. Hirdler has had multiple learning experiences and is ready to face any challenges. “I’m jumping into something that is completely different and new but I really enjoy working at a high school and working with the high school kids,” said Ms. Hirdler, “I’m really looking forward to the challenge and opportunity.” 

Ms. Hirdler has always been a part of the GUSD community. “I grew up in La Crescenta and went to Mountain Avenue elementary school, Rosemont middle school, then Crescenta Valley High School,” said Ms. Hirdler. “My two kids also go to school in Mountain Avenue and play sports in the community, so we are very active in the community and love being a part of it.” 

Congratulations Ms. Hirdler on your new position here at Clark Magnet High School. We are looking forward to seeing what positive changes you will bring us here for the students and staff. 

Welcome to the Clark family!