Armond Khodagulyan goes from being student to teacher

Himanshi Ahir, Magazine Editor

“Since I’m new here and my students, as freshmen, are new here too, we’re starting fresh and going through it together,” said Clark’s new Algebra teacher, Armond Khodagulyan. Khodagulyan joined the Clark staff this year after having been a substitute for Glendale Unified School District for a year. Before being a substitute, Khodagulyan tutored for two years at Bravo Learning Center while going through graduate school at California State University, Los Angeles to become a physicist.

“I enjoyed teaching so much as a tutor I decided to become a sub and see if I would enjoy that too, and I did,” Khodagulyan said. He also said that being a substitute showed him that he should be a teacher since it is something that he always wanted to do.

Khodagulyan was a part of the first freshman class at Clark Magnet High School back when he was a high school student. “Coming back to teach at Clark feels natural,” he said. “It feels continuous.” He said that it actually took him a while to call his old teachers by their first names and that a lot of them remember him as their student.

Khodagulyan said that he plans on not just giving grades but also helping his students mature and figure out what they like. “My goal is to have my students stop thinking about points and grades and instead start looking at the bigger pictures as far as math is concerned,” he said.

“Being another nice, qualified member [of the math department], he’ll improve the math department,” said math teacher Amir Ghavam. “He’s young and energetic; he’s sure to bring in some fresh ideas.”